How we see the world differently with mobile phone- VVS

This is probable an old video, but it is really funny. Shooting video in portrait with mobile phone, also known as “Vertical Video Syndrome”/VVS.

What we can see here is the merging of 2 different technologies (video tech and mobile phone). The vertical format of most mobile phones is definitely a sensible design, but it wouldn’t work when the orientation of the camera (landscape/portrait) correspond to the orientation of phone. What is the solution?

A simple approach maybe having a phone that shoots in landscape mode while being hold “up-right”.

Mm… why isn’t there a phone like this?


iOS app- Prototype On Paper

It has been a pain to describe how an app “will” look. With this little tool you can simply draw the interfaces on paper and even link it up with different pages. Sounds simple, but perfect for MYP Design and Tech (Systems), DP Computer Science and ITGS…