6. Using Fix-up Options

Application of this strategy on reading the selected text

This strategy focuses mainly on fixing the problems readers encountered during reading. It can also be used to 


5. Determining Main Ideas

Activity related to this reading strategy

  1. Describe the main characters and settings in the story. Firstly, list out all the main characters in the story, then choose images from Google image search that will best match the description of the characters.
    For example, choose a doorstep that could potentially be the place where the wet little dog appeared in the story. Here’s an example.
    Image from: http://leedawn82.blogspot.hk/2011_10_01_archive.html
  2. Choose a word that is not in the text to describe what this story is about.
    Students are required to choose a word that best describe the story. The word should not appear in the text itself, and students will put the chosen words on a piece of sticky memo and put it on the board, or if resource is available, an online tool can be used as a replacement (http://padlet.com/).