libguides vs Google Site

People are doing amazing things using libguides. Both Dianne and I suspect that is just a face-lifted moodle system, but it seems many libraries in the world are using it as their website. I think libguides is really good for schools with a very rich resources and staff who are eager to share their learning/teaching materials. It does not provide the same kind of page level control as Google site has.

I think we better start building Google site for every subjects in the school and link it up in a central hub… let’s see how it goes…


ProcessingJS on iPad

In 21CLHK workshop, 2 participants only had iPads and one school is running iPad 1:1 instead of laptop. I suggested processingjs and as an alternative but it didn’t work out. After some tinkering I found that Chrome on IPad with the “request desktop site” function works! See the picture below.


Happy programming!

21CLHK Creative Code Recap

This is a summary of the “Creative Code” workshop held in 21CLHK 2013. Thank you everyone for joining this workshop and I hope the examples can inspire you and your students!

1. Why art? Why media art?


2. Dr. Nichole Pinkard’s experience in DYN project

3. Different form of media arts

    • Film/TV
    • Interactive/Digital music
    • Interactive installation
    • Biotech Art
    • Robotic art
    • Network Art

4. An example of how cultural studies, traditional skill (writing), computer programming, interaction, graphics and exhibition design work together in a media art piece.

No Longer Right by Chris Cheung and XEX group (Interactive installation, 2011)

5. Example 2 Massa di Voice by Golan Levin and Zach Lieberman
This example illustrated how an interactive art piece can work with live performance and requires some important “traditional” skills that we afraid it will be lost in this digital age (e.g. face to face interaction).

6. Media art as IDL (InterDisciplinary Learning)
In everyday situation, we rarely encounter problem that is focused in only one field of knowledge, why do we still separate learning in different subjects in school most of the time?
Media arts as an IDL can:

    • Narrow the gap between effort and rewards.
    • Resemble some characteristics of game based learning with emphasis on in-depth research.
    • Emphasize on human interaction and expression.

7.Some media art platform that allows student to explore and learn programming in a more graphical/intuitive way. They also falls into the generative arts field.

7. Hands-on workshop on Processing

What can you do with Processing?

Please refer to this page for the program we tried in the workshop.

8. Physical computing platform

Physical computing bridges the digital/virtual world that usually happens on the screen into the real world. Arduino is a very good platform that works with Processing.

Other useful resources/related materials

Introduction to Processing (21CLHK 2013)

Download and install Processing from here (

Pixelate patch

Screen Shot 2013-01-26 at 10.52.02 AM

// Learning Processing
// Daniel Shiffman

// Example 16-7: Video pixelation


// Size of each cell in the grid, ratio of window size to video size

int videoScale = 20;

// Number of columns and rows in our system

int cols, rows;

// Variable to hold onto Capture object
Capture video;
void setup() {

 // Initialize columns and rows
 cols = width/videoScale;
 rows = height/videoScale;
 video = new Capture(this,cols,rows,30);
void draw() {
 // Read image from the camera
 if (video.available()) {;

 // Begin loop for columns
 for (int i = 0; i < cols; i++) {
 // Begin loop for rows
 for (int j = 0; j < rows; j++) {

 // Where are we, pixel-wise?
 int x = i*videoScale;
 int y = j*videoScale;
 // Looking up the appropriate color in the pixel array
 color c = video.pixels[i + j*video.width];
 ellipse(x, y, videoScale,videoScale);
 if (x%(videoScale*2)==0){
   ellipse(x, y, videoScale,videoScale); 

Multi modal learning

18th Jan,2013
Opening speech- Multimodal learning by Kay O’Hallowan
Different format of resources available
An example from Linguistic Education- “Tiger”

  • wiki page
  • poem
  • images based on the poem
  • image from a tattoo store
  • books about WWII
  • what the role of images and texts compose of the “main text”

    “Multimedia Literacy”
    How different media work together to convey meanings, “Multi-modal” text.
    An article about Multi modal learning
    Multimodal Analysis Lab