Upload multiple images to Google Site

Ever feel frustrated when you need to upload a bunch of images on your google site? Here’s a little tool from cumucloud.com- FileManageForGoogleSites.


However … it only runs on windows… any idea for Mac alternative?


Creating customized subtitle in iMovie (Keynote + iMovie)

Using iMovie is fun, fast, easy and visually appealing. As the golden rule says, user-friendly usually means reduction of advance function. The options provided by iMovie in subtitling is really limited…

For example, if you want to add 3 different text on different area of the same frame, it is almost impossible to do it in iMovie. Without switching to a tank (e.g. final cut pro), we can always try to use our little gadgets on your mac to achieve the same result…

[to be completed]

iOS app- Prototype On Paper

It has been a pain to describe how an app “will” look. With this little tool you can simply draw the interfaces on paper and even link it up with different pages. Sounds simple, but perfect for MYP Design and Tech (Systems), DP Computer Science and ITGS…


Research function in google draw

Maybe it has been there for ages, but I just realized this function today when I was trying to tidy up my Google doc… this is the “research” function in Google draw.

In google draw, under tool menu there’s a function called “research”, it basically just call out the google image search, but the coolest thing is you can simply drop those images into the doc where you found useful for your project/research topic…

It all seems just convenient, but the really useful function is the sources of your images. Too often students spend ages to look for the sources of the images they used in their project/paper. When you drag these images in Google draw doc, it stores the original url and when you move the cursor over the images, the links will show up automatically…

Of cause, the golden collaborative nature of Google draw allows student to conduct image researches all at once, so instead of using wishwall for text message sharing, using google draw maybe a better tool for image driven generations.