School Library annual report

Reason for writing the report
Profiling the library, continue development of the library, budget for next year?


  • Keep a record, use online calendar.
  • consolidating and look forward
  • Keep track of volunteer students, as a record of achievement and recognition of volunteering
  • Human resources log for future reference.
  • book shelling and organizing. E.g. Statistic for number of books being organized, shelving …etc
  • CAS record?
  • Include the offsite database and digital resources usage.
  • Formal documentation, graphics, graphics and graphics…
  • Survey result
  • Highlight of what the staff is doing.
  • Frequency? Annual? Monthly? WEEKLY?


    EdV channel openning

    HK Education City is a fully government subvented, non government organization. It is essentially the eLearning divison of Hong Kong Education Bureau.

    Recently they’ve developed a school based network platform for educational video sharing.

    OK, enough of background chat, is this really new? In this post Youtube age, why do we still need this?

    One of the speaker mentioned “”, a project in the states which is similar to the EdV channel project. The paradim shift, however, is not easy…. especially with a public exam…

    Apple Tech Forum 2012@ RCHK

    School eLocker
    A very comprehensive software suite for sharing files on he network with account control. With iOS apps and other devices.
    It even include something like drop boxes for assignment submission.

    However, it does NOT link with LDAP server, but merely pull the user structure from the directory server.

    Backup Strategy
    In one of the open session we discussed how schools manage backups. CIS shared their strategy- a 1TB hard drive. They gave each students a 1TB hard drive to backup their Mac using Timemachine. As for teachers they have some heavy AC powered portable hard drive for users to backup their machines. The main idea is: Take care of your own files!
    Think about it, you never ask the caretaker to backup your school bag in the old days, why should the IT department backup your files?
    In the future, maybe it is a good idea to include the portable drive in the
    laptop purchase package for new students.

    Casper deploy and inventory system
    How do you know how many computers are using snow leopard and running a copy of Adobe in your company?
    Casper sounds like a one stop store to do all these. It creates images in component form so in theory you can create a base image and then add different applications or software packages in the client machines. It also provides a centralized control for checking system status, system policies update and routine inventory check.
    It also allows administrators manage iOS devices. As for some specific applications (e.g. ILife), you may have to backup before you start the laptop/desktop (by putting the computer to a target disk mode- press t while booting).

    Different component in Casper suite


    Setup a security camera system using freeware on linux

    Have been trying to setup a webcam when there’s no teacher in the library. Zoneminder seems to be the cheapest open source solution. Very easy to setup and compatible with any camera supported by v4l (video for linux)

    Setup zoneminder in ubuntu

    Am.. I wonder how many company actually use this as a backend for their web camera solution…

    Create symbolic link in Windows platform

    For *nix users it is quite easy and straight forward to create a symbolic link in the system (e.g. “ln -s”), however this is not so easy on Windows, if you are running a web server (e.g. xampp), and you want to create a link to a folder outside the default Apache Document root, you can try the following plugin for the system.

    NTFS Link is a plugin recommended by a blog post about creating system links in different windows platform (XP/vista & 7). [link]

    P.S. only works in NTFS, FAT doesn’t support this kind of file link…. unfortunately.