Attendance module in moodle- working great!

It is a small school with no centralized student administration system. Instead of using a shared spreadsheet document not the server, I setup a moodle server and run attendance system on it, and seems it’s working perfectly… the only thing left to do is a summary of attendance…

Love the cohort settings in moodle 2, so much easier ton add a bunch of kids now. The problem is removing students, it is hidden in the enrollment method for some reason…

Moodle attendance module link
Running moodle 2.0.4+


ManageBac- Pros and Cons

Well developed structure that aligns closely with IBO requirements for unit planning
Nice and usable interface, even work on iPad since it is a web base, non flash program.
Integrated calendar for events and deadline of assessments
Integrated assessment module
integrated turnitin module
Server maintained by the company

Proprietary software, database is hosted on their company server.
Once Setup it is difficult to switch as the database is close source.
Charge by number of user, including student.
Interdisciplinary unit is difficult to setup(?)
Customize search and mapping is impossible since database is closed sourced.

Due to the price and tight-in policy, long term running cost of ManageBac will be very high for large school (>500 students), as for small school without dedicated staff for system maintenance, ManageBac is good since it’s update and operation is easy and well align wi IBO’s requirement. Ultimately if anyone develop an open source system for this purpose it would be a killer app!

Using moodle as school admin system

It is a small school with not much resources, how can we setup an attendance system for teacher to use?

Their old system was a simple share number document on server. To ease thing, I’ve created a demo on a moodle server to see if school admin like it.

The attendance module is pretty good, so does the moodle for Mac OS X.

Moodle for Mac OS X-
Attendance module for Moodle 2-